Watercolors in tube

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The Best Watercolor Tubes. Comparison and buying guide

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What are the best-selling watercolor tubes in 2024?

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Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor Paint Set, 20 Colors, 5ml (0.17-oz) Tubes

Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor Tube, 21 ml, Chinese White

Winsor & Newton Cotman Water Paint Tubes Cadmium Yellow [hue] 8ml

Sennelier Extra-Fine watercolors.Set 12 x 10 ml tubes, Metal box.with brush and stain, Made in France (France Import)

Castle Art Supplies Watercolor Paint Tube Set (for Professionals or Beginners), 24 Concentrated and Vivid Colors, Painting Kit

Arteza Quality Watercolor Paints | Set of 36 colors | 12 ml tubes | Metallic paints | Colored watercolors for artists, students and beginners

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Where to buy watercolors in tube at low prices and on offer

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User reviews

These are some of the opinions of users

Watercolor in tube

“Schemincke tube watercolors are very vibrant and easy to mix. I like that I can use the amount I need and save the rest for another time. The colors are very varied and interesting effects can be created with transparency and granulation. They are ideal for painting landscapes and portraits.”

“Daniel Smith tube watercolors are very creamy and fluid. They can be applied directly from the tube or diluted with water. The colors are very intense and long lasting. I like that they can be reactivated with water if they dry on the palette. They are perfect for painting details and textures.”

Watercolor in tube
Watercolor in tube

“W&N watercolor tubes are very versatile and of high quality. They can be used in different techniques and surfaces. The colors are very rich and luminous. I like that they can be combined with other brands and types of watercolor. They are excellent for painting flowers and animals.”

What is Watercolor Tube?

Watercolor in tube is a presentation of this technique offered by the brands in different sizes, generally 5 ml and 15 ml. Unlike the tablets, this type of paint is contained in a tube and has a creamy and wet consistency.

It has the same composition as the tablets: finely ground pigments bound with gum arabic. They are also water-soluble and very useful for large formats, since you have more paint available. On the other hand, they are also used for detailed work.

Watercolor in tube

Watercolor in a tube has several advantages. First, the paint does not get dirty, since you only mix the paint you are going to use. Second, the drying time on paper is longer than with tablets. Third, there is a variety of spectacular colors that you can combine and achieve beautiful transparencies.

Also, you can use them in combination with the pads, but it is very important that they are of the same brand. Try them out and experiment, you’ll love them! You can buy them separately on Amazon, click HERE.

Finally, you have to close them very well, as they dry out easily and then cannot be easily recovered.

How to use Watercolor Tubes?

To use these watercolors, you must follow these steps:

First, add paint straight from the tube to the palette. Then, add clean water with the brush to dilute and mix it. This step is different from watercolor tablets.

Second, make small color tests on the paper. To do this, take a small amount of paint out of the tube and mix it with water. Apply it on the paper from the darkest to the lightest color. Wait until it dries and observe how the pigment behaves: how much it covers and how transparent it is. This test can help you to choose the range of colors to use.

Third, attach the watercolor paper to a stiff board with masking paper tape. Completely cover all four sides. With the drawing previously made, start painting.

Fourth, apply the first layers very diluted and transparent. Let dry before applying the next layer. You can also work on wet paper. Remember that the drying of watercolor in a tube on paper is a little slower. If you wish, you can help yourself with a hair dryer and apply hot air.

Watercolor in tube

The use of white color in watercolors

The use of white color in watercolor is an important aspect. To achieve it, you should follow these tips:

First, reserve the lights and highlights. Use the paper as the white color and let it be part of your work. Create openings where the brightest point of light is and don’t cover with paint. Or apply thin layers of color if the light is shining through. This way you will achieve an effect of transparency.

Second, although there is a white color for tube watercolor called China White, which originates from zinc oxide, it is not very advisable to use it. This color can overshadow the other colors and detract from the luminosity of your work.

Third, I recommend you to take a closer look at the technique in my blog. Click on the following link, there you will find 12 simple techniques to get you started in watercolor painting and other details that you will like.

Watercolor in tube

What is the best format to paint with watercolor tubes?

Watercolor tubes can be used on any size or format of paper. However, it has a special advantage for painting medium and large formats, up to sheet size. This is because we can extract more paint from the tubes.

Thus, we can make large washes or blurs, such as skies, seas, open spaces and horizons.

What type of paper is used to paint with Watercolor Tube?

To paint with watercolor in tubes, you must use the same type of paper as for painting with tablets. There is an excellent variety of papers to choose from in the market. They are classified by weight or thickness and by type of grain or texture. It is very interesting to try and experiment to decide which one you like.

If you are a beginner with watercolor in tubes, I recommend painting on a 300 g/m² paper with a fine grain. The size can be medium (1/4 or 1/2 sheet). Then you can try larger sizes such as full sheet and thicker paper.

Keep in mind that as the paper is larger you need more water and more paint.

Watercolor in tube

How much is a Watercolor Tube?

The price of a watercolor tube can vary according to several factors. First, it depends on the brand and the amount of paint per tube. Second, it depends on the type of pigment. Some colors are more expensive than others. In general, watercolor tubes tend to be a little more expensive than tablets.

However, professional brands have developed an important range of colors with exclusive formulations and unique colors. The interesting thing is that you can buy them loose on Amazon. So you can choose the color you want and create your own color palette.

According to Amazon prices, tube watercolors can be found from $8.95 to $62.33 per set. The average price for an individual 8 ml tube is $5.49. The average price for a set of 12 8 ml tubes is $36.01. These prices may change based on availability and demand.

What are the best brands of Watercolor Tube?

To choose the best brand of watercolor tube, you should consider some aspects:

First, you must know the recognized brands in the market. Some of them are: Daniel Smith, Schmincke, Sennelier, Rembrandt, Winsor & Newton, Maimeri, Daniel Smith, and Van Gogh.

Second, you should select a small set of any of these brands. If you are a beginner, remember that working with good materials makes learning easier. You get better results and don’t get frustrated trying.

Third, you should know that all these brands are of excellent quality. They are high-end watercolor tubes with proprietary formulations and unique colors. Plus, you can create your own color palette and style.

So go ahead and go for it. Learn one of the most beautiful painting techniques and create your own work of art. Best of luck on your way!

Watercolors in tube
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