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 The best tube watercolors

Do you want to buy the best tube watercolors but don’t know where to start? We know that the market is full of options and that choosing the best one can be a challenge. That’s why we have created this guide for you.

In this article, we present you the best tube watercolors that you can find today and we explain their advantages and differences. This way you can choose the one that suits your style and your artwork best.

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Comparison of the Best Tube Watercolors of 2024

We have selected the best tube watercolors with their most outstanding features, so that you can choose the best one for you.

Good choice

Super savings

Premium range







Number of color tubes

20 tubes of 5 ml

6 tubes of 5 ml

12 tubes of 5 ml

Type of paint

In tube - liquid

In tube - liquid

In tube - liquid



Beginners and professionals

High-end professionals





What are the best tube watercolors

The best tube watercolors are those that offer a high quality of pigments, a good lightfastness, an easy mixing and dilution, and a variety of colors and shades. Among the most recognized and valued brands by artists are:

Winsor & Newton, Schmincke, Sennelier, Daniel Smith

Winsor & Newton

Winsor & Newton –  The best tube watercolors

Are you looking for high quality tube watercolors, with a great variety of colors and an excellent lightfastness? Then you are interested in the winsor&newton tube watercolors, one of the most prestigious and recognized brands in the world of painting.

The winsor&newton tube watercolors are ideal for artists who are looking for a fluid, transparent and vibrant paint, that can be easily mixed and that offers lasting and professional results. These watercolors are made with the best pigments concentrated in the highest possible proportion, which gives them an incomparable intensity and purity of color.

In addition, the winsor&newton tube watercolors come in two ranges: the Artist range and the Cotman range. The Artist range is the most professional and has 96 colors available in tubes of 5 ml or 14 ml. The Cotman range is more affordable and has 40 colors available in tubes of 8 ml. Both ranges have an excellent quality and can be combined with each other without limits.


Schmincke –  The best tube watercolors

The Schmincke tube watercolors are also an excellent option for painting lovers. These watercolors are characterized by:

Having a high concentration of pigments of the highest quality for artists, with a great variety of colors and shades.

Having an individual formula for each color, which guarantees their quality and exclusivity.

Being totally reusable when they dry on the palette, which avoids wasting paint.

Having a high control of the paint flow, even on soft watercolor papers.

Having a thorough and strict evaluation of the lightfastness, with most of the colors with 4 and 5 stars.

Being compatible with the Schmincke Horadam watercolor cakes and with all the AQUA media from Schmincke.

The Schmincke tube watercolors come in two formats: tubes of 5 ml and tubes of 15 ml. You can find them in different sets or buy them separately. They are high-end watercolors, ideal for artists who are looking for a fluid, transparent and vibrant paint.


Sennelier –  The best tube watercolors

It is a French brand that is characterized by its extra-fine watercolors, made with the best natural pigments and superior quality gum arabic. Its tube watercolors have a creamy texture, a great luminosity and a good adherence to the paper. They have 98 colors available in tubes of 10 ml or 21 ml

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith –  The best tube watercolors

It is an American brand that stands out for its innovative watercolors, with unique and exotic pigments, such as minerals, metals or duochromatics. Its tube watercolors have a high concentration of pigment, a great transparency and an excellent permanence. They have more than 200 colors available in tubes of 5 ml or 15 ml.

Frequently asked questions about tube watercolors

What are the advantages of tube watercolors over cakes?
Tube watercolors have the advantage that they can be used directly from the container or diluted in water, which allows to obtain easily more intense and varied colors than cakes. They can also be mixed with each other or with other media such as ink or gouache. In addition, you can work large sizes more easily

How to preserve tube watercolors so that they do not dry out or harden?

To preserve tube watercolors, exposure to heat, light and air should be avoided. It is recommended to close the tubes well after each use and store them in a cool and dark place. If they dry out or harden, they can be rehydrated with water or with some additive such as glycerin or honey water.

How to mix the colors of tube watercolors?

To mix the colors of tube watercolors, you can use a paint palette or any smooth and non-absorbent surface. You should apply a small amount of each color and mix them with the brush or with a toothpick. You can add water to modify the intensity and transparency of the color.

What type of paper and brushes are recommended to use with tube watercolors?

The type of paper and brushes that are recommended to use with tube watercolors depends on the style and technique of each artist. In general, it is advisable to use a thick and good quality paper, that resists water and does not wrinkle or break. The brushes can be made of natural or synthetic hair, of different sizes and shapes, depending on the effect that you want to achieve.

What techniques can be applied with tube watercolors?

The techniques that can be applied with tube watercolors are very varied and creative. Some of the most common ones are: the wash, which consists of applying a uniform layer of color on the paper; the gradient, which consists of creating a smooth transition between two or more colors; the splatter, which consists of splashing the paper with paint using a toothbrush or a brush; the sponge, which consists of applying paint with a sponge to create textures; the reserved, which consists of protecting some areas of the paper with adhesive tape, liquid rubber or wax to leave them blank; and the stencil, which consists of using cut-out templates to create defined shapes.

Buy online the best brands of tube watercolors and discounts

We know that choosing a good tube watercolor can be complicated, that’s why we have created this guide to guide you. Here you will find all the information you need about the best brands of tube watercolors on the market, as well as the most attractive offers and discounts. Don’t wait any longer and discover everything we offer you!

Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor Paint Set, 20 Colors, 5ml (0.17-oz) Tubes

Winsor & Newton Cotman watercolors use fine art pigments with a lower pigment load than the Professional range, making them an accessible choice without compromising on quality.

Schmincke – Watercolor Set, 12 5 ml tubes in a metal box (74112097)

The Schmincke Horadam Aquarell 0.2 fl oz paint tube set features superior quality natural ingredients that are carefully selected each year for every formula for highest optimization.

WATERCOLOR SET: The HORADAM AQUARELL starter box from Schmincke consists of a sturdy metal box (L x W x H: 22.3 x 7.2 x 2.3 cm) with 12 coloristically selected colors in 5 ml tubes and an integrated mixing palette.

With its balanced color selection, the box offers a solid basic assortment with which many other brilliant colors can be easily mixed. Ideal for lovers of tube watercolor.

Arteza Quality Liquid Watercolor Tubes | 24 watercolor colors | 11.8ml tubes | Watercolor painting starter kit

Arteza Premium Watercolor Tubes Set

Individual watercolor tubes (11.8 milliliters)

They dry very quickly and are reusable once dry

Adapted to strict quality standards

Ideal as a starter kit for painting with watercolors

Castle Art Supplies Box of 24 Tubes Watercolor Paint 12 ml

MADE TO NOT DISAPPOINT. Designed by local artists to inspire confidence, and at a good price to tempt budding artists. High quality colors with intense pigments to not disappoint experienced artists; all this, in a practical presentation box ideal for gifting.

START A FANTASTIC ADVENTURE. Cross the border to immerse yourself in the world of watercolor with this essential box of 24 resealable tubes of artistic quality colors arranged in two rows and organized by color families to make it easy to choose.

Start your free trial! Click HERE

Learn the wonderful technique of watercolor

To learn the wonderful technique of watercolor, all you need is a little patience, the desire to learn and perseverance to advance in the process. The most important thing is that you enjoy every step of the way, letting yourself be carried away by your creativity and enjoying the learning process. So let’s go! click on the following link: 12 Simple Techniques to Get Started in Watercolor Painting.

The best watercolors in tube
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