Schmincke HORADAM 74424: the Best Professional Watercolor Set quality-price

Schmincke HORADAM - Juego de acuarelas (24 medios godets) en estuche de metal

The Schmincke HORADAM 74424 watercolors (see on Amazon) are the ideal set for professional artists and for lovers of fine arts. The professional watercolor set of 24 half pans in a metal case, have been made with the highest quality pigments, they will last you for years and your work will be spectacular.

It has a very practical selection of colors that help you get better results in the mix, they have excellent transparency and solid lightfastness. What makes them so special and why are they the artists’ favorites? Let’s go!

Features of the Schmincke HORADAM 74424 Watercolors

• Watercolor set of 24 half pans

• Metal case of 22.3 cm long x 7.2 cm wide x 2.3 cm high

• Includes built-in palette for mixing

According to the transparency of the colors, the set consists of: 10 semi-transparent colors, 8 semi-opaque colors and 6 opaque colors.

According to the lightfastness, the set consists of: 1 with limited lightfastness (2 stars), 4 with lightfastness (3 stars), 14 with good lightfastness (4 stars) and 5 with extreme lightfastness (5 stars)

According to the staining or tinting of the colors, the set consists of: 1 has little staining, 16 are semi-staining and 7 have staining.

Colors included in the set: lemon yellow 215, cadmium yellow light 224, chrom. yellow deep 213, chromium orange hue 214, cadmium red light 349, perylene maroon 366, permanent carmine 353, magenta 352, manganese violet 474, indigo 485, ultramarine finest 494, prussian blue 492, helio cerulean 479, helio turquoise 475, phthalo green 519, may green 524, cobalt green dark 533, permanent green olive 534, naples yellow 229, yellow ochre 655, burnt sienna 661, english venetian red 649, sepia brown 663, ivory black 780.

Schmincke extra-fine watercolors for artists. Pigments for artists in the highest possible concentration. Each color has its own optimized formula. Pans filled in a 4-stage process. Once dry on the palette, the paint is fully reusable. Great control of the paint. We have schmnicke watercolors available both in loose colors, and contained the 24 half pans in a metal box.

Advantages of the Schmincke HORADAM 74424 Watercolors

The Schmincke HORADAM paints are a guarantee of quality “Made in Germany”

Easy color selection

Nature as a source of inspiration, the desire of customers and the chemistry of color, are the starting points of Horadam’s colorists to develop the colors, obtaining as many colors as possible from the same pigment, making it easier for you to select colors for your work.

New and optimized colors

The wide selection of Horadam watercolors offers you 140 intense colors of which 35 are new and 4 are optimized, mixed with Oxgall as a natural wetting agent to facilitate the flow of paint on paper.

New pigments

The expanded range of Horadam colors is due to the study and research of 20 new pigments such as quinacridone, perylene and transparent iron oxides.

Higher performance

The paint is poured 4 times in liquid state into the pans or reservoirs to obtain higher performance.

Quality of the Gum Arabic

Gum arabic specially selected as a natural binder and also ox gall.

Reusable paint

You can reuse the paint after it dries on the palette.

Paint flow control

Most of the paints are not granulating and you can control the paint flow very well even on soft papers.

Although in the set there are 2 granulating colors (a natural property of certain pigments): manganese violet and cobalt green dark, (identified with the letter G) you can use them consciously to create special effects.

The same recipe

The formula of the colors is the same for pans and tubes, that is, you can get the same colors from the pans in paint tubes of 5 ml and 15 ml, plus you can buy the pans or godets separately in half pan or full pan.

New colors

The Schmincke HORADAM 74424 watercolor set incorporates several new and unique colors such as:

Perylene Maroon 366, from Quinacridone, this is a highly lightfast pigment, Ultramarine Finest 494, from Perylenes, which is completely new and also highly lightfast, Yellow Ochre 655, Burnt Sienna 661, from transparent iron oxides, these two transparent colors are rare due to the hardness and difficulty of processing these pigments.


Schmincke, a company committed to the artist producing colors under the highest standards and causing minimal environmental impact in manufacturing.

Disadvantages of the Schmincke HORADAM 74424 Watercolors

Like any product, the Schmincke HORADAM watercolors also have some possible disadvantages. One of them could be their price, as they are a bit more expensive than other brands of watercolors.

Also, being a high-quality brand, it is possible that some beginners find the technique a bit difficult to handle at first.

However, if you are willing to invest in a quality product and dedicate time and effort to practice, the Schmincke HORADAM 74424 can be an excellent option for you.

The Best Deals on Schmincke HORADAM Watercolors of 2024

It is the favorite of professional artists, for more than 100 years, many famous artists have used and continue to use it in their works of art.

12 colors


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24 colors

Schmincke Horadam 74324097

Set of 24 colors

36 colors

Schmincke 74 436 097 Horadam –

Watercolor case (36 half pans)

48 colores


48 best watercolors, 74448097, metal box, premium watercolors, 48 x 1/2 pans

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Schmincke – AKADEMIE®AQUARELL Watercolor Box,

Full assortment 24 x 1/2 pans

COLOR SET AQUARELL: The HORADAM AQUARELL starter box from Schmincke consists of a robust metal box (length x width x height: 22.3 x 7.2 x 2.3 cm) with 12 selected colors in 5 ml tubes and an integrated mixing palette.

With its balanced color selection, the box offers a solid basic assortment with which many other brilliant colors can be easily mixed. Ideal for watercolor enthusiasts in the tube.

Why are they the Best Watercolors in the World, Schmincke HORADAM?

The Horadam watercolors to the premium 140 assortment.”

Raw material: The selection of new and better raw materials, the careful selection of gum arabic, as well as Oxgall, the complex process of pouring the color in liquid state four times into each pan, the same formulation for the colors in containers and tubes, sustainable production, make these watercolors unsurpassed and the best in the world.

Brightness and solidity: Schmincke is a brand of watercolors manufactured in Germany for 125 years and recognized worldwide, has always been at the forefront, taking care of the manufacture of its products with the strictest quality standards, to enjoy the brightness of its colors and lightfastness with exceptional quality.

Years of tradition: In 2017 it was a very important year for Schmincke and as part of the anniversary celebration, it has expanded and optimized the Horadam watercolors to the premium 140 assortment.

Quantity of colors: Of its wide spectrum of 140 colors, 100 are traditional and remain intact, after years of research they have added 35 new colors to the premium range, of which 32 are made from a single pigment and 4 colors have been optimized.

Lightfastness: The use of pigments increasingly resistant to light such as quinacridone or perylene offer you new and interesting artistic possibilities.

Other features to consider

This product is subject to specific safety instructions and warnings.

Contains benzisothiazolinone. May cause an allergic reaction. Contains sensitizing substance. May cause an allergic reaction.

Do you want to learn how to paint with watercolors?

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Conclusions and opinions on Schmincke HORADAM watercolors

Currently there is no model on the market in its range that offers you better value for money, without a doubt it is the Schmincke HORADAM watercolor (see on Amazon) with higher performance and the preferred one by professional artists

Schmincke extra-fine watercolors for artists. Pigments for artists in the highest possible concentration. Each color has its own optimized formula. Pans filled in a 4-stage process. Once dry on the palette, the paint is fully reusable. Great control of the paint. We have schmnicke watercolors available both in loose colors, and contained the 24 half pans in a metal box.

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sminke godet pastillas

“Schmincke watercolors are absolutely amazing. They are very pigmented and blend easily to create a wide variety of shades. In addition, the pigment quality is exceptional.”

“The texture of these watercolors is really smooth and fluid, which makes them very easy to work with. The color palette is very complete and varied.”

“Schmincke watercolors are simply the best. The quality of the pigments is unbeatable and the colors are extremely vivid and vibrant, you should definitely try.”

I am really impressed with the Schmincke watercolors, they are an excellent choice for any artist looking for high quality watercolors.


Schmincke watercolors! They are very popular among watercolor artists due to their high quality.

The Schmincke brand is known for using pure and high quality pigments in the manufacture of their watercolors, which gives them a great intensity and brightness of color. They also offer a wide range of colors, including some that are hard to find in other watercolor brands. In general, they are highly valued for their quality and durability, although their price may be a little higher than other watercolor brands.

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